Product Introduction




This is WAX PAPER BAG which has been very popular. Because it is WAX paper which has unique wrinkle, sheer feeling, retro mood that very elegant and fashionable.The design is based on French antiques and old culture. We recommend that you can use as put your favorite stationary or collecting paper miscellaneous goods, and for gifts that stick to the material and texture.


It is wax paper origami with abundant type. Because it is wax paper, the new origami which has strong and durable for water and never have before. Size 150 mm × 150 mm




Popular wrapping kit series, how cute that the inside thing appearing frequently through the window. It looks like a package of a Western confectionery shop. You can just use it as simple it is or enjoy with put seal and tag. Would you try to use ribbon and sticker or many kind of decoration to become your own original wrapping?

※Order units of all product not less than 6 pieces.
※If you have catalogue requirement, please contact us.
※There have various of design. Please refer in catalogue.